The JdmCainStallion {feature 1}

Words & Photos by Chris Ortez


My first personal encounter with a Toyota Supra is a fond memory which I vividly remember and have visited with frequency.  The year was 1994; I was 12 years old when my Parents were in the market for a new car, a Toyota Corolla to be precise.  I recall admiring the airplane like cabin as I shifted gears pretending to be driving the $48,000 dollar white super car through the streets of Pasadena.  My love and desire grew by the second as I circled the car observing every detail and aerodynamic panel.  The specifications and features displayed on the dealership sticker added to my excitement, that is until a vignette like focus on the price tag immediately depleted my teenage contrived delusion of one day owning one.

Fast forward 21 years and several car builds later, I found myself surfing the internet on a Sunday morning when a sudden notion to google “Toyota Supra FS” came about.  Lo and behold, Craigslist San Francisco exhibited a completely stock, mint condition, single owned, 1998 Limited Edition white Toyota Supra for $36k.  With great skepticism, I texted the seller to inquire about his 6 speed with sports roof rare jewel.  Through his reply, I learned he had received a serious offer a few minutes prior but would take me into consideration should the sale fall through.  I casually and nonchalantly mentioned it to my wife as she curled her hair in the bathroom, who to my surprise responded with, “Why don’t you BUY IT?!”  Although I was never in the market for a new car, not to mention a Toyota Supra, I was devastated to have learned that the car sold to a guy in Fresno.  It was then when the 9 month roller coaster search and quest for the perfect Jza80 began.

My desperation intensified while patience grew slimmer by the moment after months and countless hours of searching for that perfect MKIV.  One day I posted a “WTB Supra” (wanted to buy) in one of the Facebook pages.  A few days later I received a personal message from a technician at the Escondido Toyota dealership advising me of a lead for one that almost fit my Facebook WTB post.  Although I was looking for one similar to the San Francisco car, my odds were slim considering only 68 were produced in the US which forced me to consider one outside my parameters.  Needless to say, that Facebook personal message bridged what was once my childhood dream into reality, ultimately becoming my destiny.

On October 24, 2015, I officially became the proud owner of a Limited Edition 1997 Renaissance Red Toyota Supra Turbo.  Despite being eluded for months by that perfect gem, I don’t take my car for granted and are extremely content with the acquisition.  My goals are to build it with the rarest and highest in quality Jdm parts while preserving its OEM appearance.  Part of me believes that the car will not change much from its current state, but that is something I am not willing to bet my pay check on.  Just as I did not know in 1994 what life had in store for me, I haven’t the slightest idea today, nor what will become of this car in the future. The one thing I do know is that life has moments that come around full circle when you least expect it.

You can follow my build Here!











Engine Mods:

  • ARC Induction Box (polished with titanium hardware)
  • ARC Intercooler (polished)
  • ARC Intercooler Piping (powder coated silver)
  • ARC BOV Hard Pipe (polished)
  • ARC BOV (polished with titanium hardware)
  • ARC Air Diversion Panel
  • ARC Oil Cap (polished)
  • ARC Radiator
  • ARC Radiator Cap
  • ARC Overflow Tank
  • ARC Oil Cooler (polished)
  • ARC Titanium Exhaust
  • ARC Rear Differential Cooler/Pump (polished)
  • ARC Strut Bar
  • ATI Harmonic Balancer
  • Greddy Thermostatic Sandwich Plate
  • Vertex Reservoir Caps
  • Optima Red Top Battery
  • Stinger Digital Positive Battery Terminal (SHT301)
  • Stinger Negative Battery Terminal (SHT303)
  • Titanium Hardware
  • Top Secret Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
  • HKS Boost Controler
  • Polished Twin Turbo Pipes
  • Polished Water Neck
  • Chrome Battery Tie Down
  • Chrome Radiator Brackets


  • TRD Jdm Speedometer Gauge
  • TRD Jdm RPM Gauge
  • TRD Jdm Boost Gauge
  • TRD Jdm Oil Pressure Gauge
  • TRD Jdm Oil Temp Gauge
  • TRD Jdm Water Temp Gauge
  • Custom Quad 4 Pod Holder (color matched)
  • TRD Clock
  • TRD Glove Compartment Organizer
  • TRD Booster Car Seat
  • TRD Steering Wheel
  • Jdm OEM Optional Floor Mats
  • Jdm OEM Aluminum Pedals
  • Jdm Genuine Owner’s Manual
  • Jdm Toyota Cluster/Dash Aluminum Rings
  • Jdm Power Folding Mirror Switch
  • Jdm Active Spoiler Switch
  • Jdm Heated Seats Switch
  • Jdm Toyota Flare
  • Recaro Seat Rails with Polished Bolts
  • Recaro Tomcat (Driver/Passenger) Seats
  • Recaro Tomcat Rear Seats
  • Recaro Headrest Pads
  • Recaro Seatbelt Shoulder Pads
  • C’s Short Shifter
  • Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi Shift Knob
  • HKS Boost Control
  • ARC Shift Plate


  • Alpine INE-W957HD Stereo
  • Focal K2 165krx Speaker Components
  • Focal 130cvx Rear Speakers
  • 10″ JL Audio W3 Subwoofer
  • Wicked CAS Subwoofer Magic Box
  • JL Audio 500/1 V2 Slash Amp
  • JL Audio 400/4 V2 Slash Amp
  • JL Audio Complete Wiring Kit
  • Custom TRD Rear Trunk Mat


  • Bronze TE37 with Center Caps
    • 9.5, +35
    • 10.5, +40
  • Toyo Proxes R888
    • 265, 35
    • 275, 35
  • Amuse Titanium Lug Nuts


  • Top Secret Aragosta Coilovers
    • 16k Front Swift Springs
    • 10k Rear Swift Springs
    • 27 way Adjustable
  • Top Secret Roberuta Cup Kit
  • TRD Swaybars


  • Jdm Power Folding Mirrors
  • Top Fuel Gold Wide Angle Mirrors
  • Jdm Amber Side Markers
  • Jdm Active Spoiler
  • Amuse License Plate Bracket


  • Top Secret Fuel Cap Cover
  • Top Secret Oil Filler Cap (Rare & Fully Polished)
  • Top Secret Shift Knob
  • 6k HID Upgrade
  • 3k HID Foglight Upgrade
  • LED Bulbs


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