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Words & Photos by Chris Ortez


On April 18th 2015, I drove to Veterans Park in Culver City.  My mission was to pick up a Toyota Supra ARC diversion panel from Enrique that had been in the market for well over a year.  I was glad that the panel was still available, considering its rarity but not surprised considering its price tag.  This was also around the same time that I entered the market for a Supra therefore my knowledge about the community and culture, what was popular and sought after in terms of car parts, was very limited.  I was impressed by his knowledge regarding the MKIV chassis that I asked for us to exchanged Instagram names.  This was the moment when I realized who the owner of this immaculately built 1997 Toyota Supra was.  I was star struck.

I first encountered Enrique ‘s Toyota Supra on November 1st 2014 at Joey Lee’s Chronicles YearSix event.  Just as every spectator there, I was simply mesmerized by the engineering and execution done primarily by Buddha Concepts Design and Twins Turbo Motorsport, especially with the engine bay.  The overhaul that took the team approximately 4 years to complete made its first public appearance at the 3rd annual Supras in Vegas event, 2 months prior to YearSix.  They did a great job of keeping the project under wraps, so it certainly captured the scene by storm.

Enrique purchased the car in 2001 from a dealership in Mars, Pennsylvania.  During the early years of the new millennium before the age of e-commerce, there were very few companies that specialized in the import and export of Jdm car parts to Northern America.  In 2003 while attending Japan’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Enrique met up with the infamous Japanese race car driver and owner of the Ridox brand, Manabu Orido. The meeting’s purpose was to seal the deal and import America’s first JZA80 Ridox Kit.  “I recall showing Manabu photos of the finished product at the 1st annual D1 event.  He liked the outcome so much so that he decided to change his own Supra’s color from Royal Sapphire Pearl to Red” Enrique explained.

This car has certainly received the media attention and recognition it deserves, having appeared on the cover of SuperStreet’s August 2015 issue and in Option’s 35th Anniversary January 2017 magazine to name a couple.  Most of the cars modifications have been well documented therefore ill spare you the time from having to re-read them. Having said that, one would think that there is absolutely nothing else that can be modified on this car, but what impresses me the most is that indeed it continues evolving.  Imagine being guided by a tour guide at an art exhibit – that is exactly how Enrique walks me through the recent masterpiece that Gabe’s Custom Interior completed in his cabin.  The Porsche Singer 911 inspired black leather Recaro seats and the hand wrapped roll cage bars appear ready for a provocative scene in E. L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey.  The cherry on top is the red stitching throughout the interior which is complimented very well by a new set of red seat belts providing enough contrast to tie everything together.

As much as I would like to think that this 744hp show and go machine has reached its final level of completion, it wouldn’t surprise me to see kingerm_supra’s Instagram account blow up with new mod photos.  As Albert Einstein once said; “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”  I am inspired by the imaginations of those who stretch the boundaries to help bring blueprints into fruition.  It is builds like this that give me optimism about the future of our car culture, which in turn motivate me to stay focused on the path I am in.  Congratulations on the accomplishment Enrique!  -Ortez






Toyota 2JZ-GTE, Precision 6766 turbo, Full Race T4 divided header and 4-inch down pipe, custom V-mount setup with Bell intercooler core & hand-hammered end tanks, HKS 264 cams, adjustable cam gears, HyperTune intake and 90mm throttle body, Accufab clamps on custom TT intercooler pipes, custom dual pass C+R radiator, Setrab oil cooler & power steering cooler, ID2000 injectors, Twins Turbo HyperTune cable bracket, Twins Turbo MK4 short throttle cable, Twins Turbo thermostat housing rotator kit, Twins Turbo Inconel T4 divided turbo inlet gasket, Twins Turbo Inconel turbine heat shield, Brown & Miller hose & crimp fittings, 4-inch stainless steel oval exhaust tubing with 4-inch electric exhaust cut-out from midpipe, Veilside Ti muffler, 2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps with flex fuel sensor for E85, -10/-8 stainless steel fuel feed & return hard lines, Weldon fuel pressure regulator, Weldon fuel filters, MoTeC M820 engine management system with custom harness by GP Motorsports, tuning by Shane Tecklenburg


Factory Getrag 6-speed transmission, Tilton CC triple-plate clutch, remote shaft mounted slave cylinder with Twins Turbo clutch master cylinder kit, TRD LSD


HKS Hipermax Max IV GT coilovers, TRD sway bars, Brembo Monobloc 6-piston calipers (front), 4-piston calipers (rear), Brembo slotted/vented 2-piece rotors


BBS Motorsports E88 19×10-inch (front) 19×11.5-inch (rear), Toyo R888 tires 265 (front) & 305 (rear), custom-plated ARP wheel studs and valve stem caps


Custom metal work and ducting by Mark Delong, Ridox front bumper, splitter, canards, wide front fenders, side skirts, rear skirts, trunk lip wing, GT wing, Top Secret CF hood and rear diffuser, CF Ganador side mirrors, custom LED bars for turn signals, Ferrari Rosso Corsa paint by Buddha Concept Designs


Full bespoke leather interior.  Custom leather setup by Gabes Custom Interiors.  Full leather setup including dash, all panels redone,  alcantera headliner, custom chromoly 6-point rollcage wrapped in leather. Customized black leather Recaro sport seats with woven weave and red stitching.  Complete stereo setup, TRD Tachometer, TRD Steering Wheel, custom seat mounts, Stu Hagen custom LED instrument setup, Veilside pedals and shift knob, carbon fiber steering column (Whifbitz)



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