Supra’s in Vegas 2017

I made the decision to attend Supra’s in Vegas (SIV) the very last minute which ended up costing me more than it would have had I not procrastinated.  Part of my indecision was due to work obligations on top of the lack of babysitting support, but one major factor was that I believed my car was not ready for an event as such.  Well I was proven wrong as I was humbled by everyone’s positive response to the JdmCainStallion.  The trip with my wife ended up being a much needed one considering the many obstacles and life changing events we have recently encountered.  Sometimes in life you require a new setting, new people to interact with who share a different perspectives than one you are accustomed to – that was certainly my experience with this event.  I have now been in the Toyota Supra scene for 2 years and this was my first time attending SIV.  I was very impressed with everyone’s welcoming and friendly attitude.  I enjoyed the sharing of best practices, the passion peopled exhibited when allowed the opportunity to speak about their own cars.  The enthusiasm with wanting to learn about one another’s builds and the constructive criticisms from the veterans who have been there and done that.  God willing, I look forward to making this event a family tradition for years to come.  Shout-out to head coordinator Miguel and the folks from Driftmotion/FSR Motorsports, along with all the sponsors who did a great job hosting this 3 day event.  Unfortunately I only had the opportunity to attend Saturday’s Show & Shine event which is what I managed to capture.  Enjoy!

My coverage starts at the Excalibur Casino parking lot where we had the entire top lot for our leisure with 24hr security.

Fellow enthusiasts chopping it up!  That was the consistent theme throughout the weekend.

Black on black on black.  Got to love Clint Griffin’s (@azblacksupra) MkIV on a classic set of Work Meister wheels.  I love the fact that he is not stretching tires as many do when running these wheels.  He recently installed a set of 6pot Wilwood BBK which gives it a nice appearance and obliviously great stopping power to slow down his single turbo, 900hp beast.  He was awarded the 2017 SIV Spirit award for his consistent contributions to the community during the last 12 years plus. 2 thumbs up brother!

I am a big fan of Albert Meade’s (@albert_trd) MkIII.

Pretty cool to have seen Rad Dan’s Formula Drift machine in person.

Craig Higa, in my opinion, has the best looking MkIII.  Unfortunately, he and his wife experienced a scary moment where the car was broken into while they briefly shopped at Home Depot.  The crooks stole his back pack, glasses and camera.  We all felt his pain, but at the same time were relieved that nothing happened to the car as the situation could have been worse.  Despite the mishap, they were both in great spirits.

Since transitioning from the G35 to the Supra platform , I have not been too fond of the stretched tires, “hellaflush” stance, especially on a Supra.  Despite that, I do give Manuel Hernandez (@spidermanny87) credit for pulling it off nicely.  His single turbo MkIII is rocking a rare set of Weds Kranze ERM wheels.

You can sense the Jdm in the atmosphere!

Alex (@Supralex_2jz) was loading his car to depart the event.  I got to say, he has one clean car.  I personally love the pinstripe, smaller diameter rear wheels and fat ass tires.

Some folks performed maintenance on their cars after a long trip to Vegas.  Other’s were simply preparing their cars for autocross or drag racing which took place the following day.

Mark Deutscher’s (@italaverda) drove all the way from Alberta Canada to attend the event.  You are probably wondering what is going on with all of the colorful hand print decals on his car.  Well, every time he had an opportunity to network with people, he would give them a decal to sign your name on.  For each decal, he was donating $2 dollars for local charity.  This was probably the highlight of my day.  Two Thumbs Up for Mark!

Gotta love the diversity! Gen’s 2, 3 and 4 prepared for autocross.

Aaron’s car is not solely a show car, it puts in work.  Here he is awaiting his turn to rip apart the autocross course.

Stock wheels for autocross, no problem.

Alex (2jz_supra_xx) was going hard at autocross all day long.  He managed to take best Auto Cross MkII and Best dyno MkII  by making the most HP in his class.  Congrats!

Although I had met Craig at previous events, we had never hung out or had in depth conversations until this day.  We rolled into the event and parked together, which was an honor considering his status within the community.  I learned that we have so much in common, especially with regards to paying attention to the slightest detail of our builds.  I will soon do a full feature of his car, so stay tuned.

Wide body and massive tires are always a great combination.  Amanda & Jarrod, both owners of Jza80’s, demonstrate their love for one another by cleverly personalizing their vehicle license plates to read, “HIS 2JZ” and “HER 2JZ.”  Unfortunately I did not manage to capture a photo of her car, but you cannot miss it as it displays a candy red engine bay.

The owner of this MkIII has done a good job with this build.  He participated a few times in the Autocross event.

Socal_Supra’s team member Santinoh’s (@santinohsupras) creamy white MKIII looking good on matte bronze Vordoven Forme 9 wheels which resemble Work Emotion CR Ultimate wheels.  I was attracted to his car because of its color, which reminds me of my old Honda days.

Black and gold usually make a good combination.  Dude is leaning hard while mean mugging, HA!

@bamcars_inlanddrift preparing his car for show departure.  Applying blue tape to keep his front end protected and looking pristine.

Not a fan of bagged Supra’s but this one was looking good on SSR Professor SP1 wheels.

Monitoring your engine’s performance through AEM gauges is vital.

I really enjoyed talking to @tallsupraguy and to his buddy Brent (@97ttzilla).  Very wise individuals.  Sorry that I didn’t capture a picture of your car!

Jonathan Silva’s (@jonsilva43) sitting on forgestar wheels, Titek HKS Kansai style carbon fiber lip and Garage Whifbitz Drag Wing.

This Celica Supra Mark I was very clean, inside and out.  Certainly brought back memories of my childhood as my uncle used to own a white one.

Dave’s (@_davet._) single turbo sitting nicely on a set of super rare Blitz 03 wheels.

Caught Shaharyan (@speedsniper) leaving the event early to get a head start towards Arizona.

Another shot of Albert’s UMS Tuned, 35psi single turbo 1jz.  He participated in the 2 step competition and unfortunately ran into some minor issues afterwards.  I hope the damage was not too drastic.


Michael Davis’ (mdavis.27) jza80 at one point was pushing 933hp, 759tq.  I forgot to ask him how much he is pushing since swapping to the VVT-I engine.  His engine bay is looking good with the purple accents and carbon hydro dip.  Funny story – when my wife and I arrived on Friday, sitting there on the floor of the Excalibur’s parking lot was this neo-chrome single lug nut.  Instinctively, I picked it up thinking it may belong to one of the owners, despite my wife advising me to throw it away.  Well lo and behold, at the Show & Shine event I noticed Michael’s car was missing the lug nut.  I became the self proclaimed hero for the day!

This was one clean, simple and bad ass MkIII.  Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to meet the owner.  Being that is is a California car, maybe I will run into him at a local show.

Clean and rare Royal Sapphire Pearl, Single Turbo MkIV.

Skyler Kintner’s single turbo Jza80 on Work Meister wheels.  His custom Supra flags are pretty cool for the garage.  Too bad I did not have cash on me to buy one.

The infamous Natural Aspirated, Individual Throttle Body MkIV.  Brendan (@na_hero) was awarded Best Engine Bay Non-Turbo.  What I admire about this build is that fact that it is not solely built for shows, Brendan actually tracks it quite often.  It’s also not a trailer queen, he drives it everywhere including to Vegas for the event.

One car I was looking forward to seeing was Nick’s (@nick2jzul8r) HKS themed MkIV.  He recently revamped the engine bay and unveiled the hard work at the Nisei show.  At SIV, he was awarded best Engine Bay and Best Interior.  Very nicely done Sir!

My Supra has come a long way since first purchasing it in October 2015.  I was humbled by everyone’s response to the Jdm build.  One thing I give myself credit for is the fact that I have done a decent job of separating my build from others, in the sense that my choice of parts and brands are not as common for this platform.  Unfortunately, I left the event with an intensified mod bug which is probably not a good thing.  We will see what the future brings.

Aaron, Driftmotions Jza80 is definitely unique and badass.  Notice the custom valve cover plaque.  Yup, 1.2 JZ!  This engine bay hosts a Frankenstein engine consisting of a 2jz VVT-i head on a 1jz block which produces over 700hp.  Not news to many since this car has been around for some time, but always refreshing to see.


All in all, SIV2017 was an awesome experience.  I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.  As mentioned before, I look forward to future events.  Feel free to share this story with others and tag those who I may have missed.


Thank you for reading,

Chris Ortez







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  1. Great write up Chris and again LOVE the attention to detail on your build! Careful of that “mod bug”. When it bites, it bites hard! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the feature Chris 😉, looking forward to see you at a future event 👋

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