My name is Chris Ortez, CEO and founder of JdmCainLab. The Lab was established on 12.13.14 with the sole purpose of providing car enthusiasts with rare and high quality products from Japan.  I have many years of car modifying experience and have owned/modified 8 different cars in my lifetime. One of the vehicles in particular included a multi-award winning, 2003 G35 Sedan that was featured in SuperStreet Magazine’s December 2011 issue.  My current project is a 1997 Limited Edition Toyota Supra that I have owned since October 2015 that I have already sourced a multitude of rare parts for – parts that many had no idea ever existed.  You can read more about my Supra project in the “Special Features” page or by clicking HERE.  My expertise can now contribute and give back to the car community by providing Jdm products and sharing my knowledge with you.  In addition to my love for cars, I also have a passion for photography and story telling which are the reasons I have created this website. This site is intended  to be both my official store and a blog to share experiences through my camera lens.  I look forward to providing you with a level of quality and service that is second to none.  Thank you for your support!


Christopher Ortez


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