Nissan S15 C’s Short Throw Shifter


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Friends, in stock at #Th3Lab is this extremely rare and discontinued Jdm C’s short throw shifter kit for Nissan S15.

C’s is Japan’s leader in short shifter design and technology.

The exceptional detail and emphasis placed on product quality and performance has earned C’s a reputation that is unmatched by any other shifters on the market. C’s shifters are used by everyone from professional drivers to enthusiasts.

By altering the geometry of a shifter, C’s has created the superior shifter design. With a shortened shift stroke, shifts are made quicker and more accurately, resulting in increased performance. C’s short shifters are designed with the right combination of angle, length, and bends to give your shifts a shorter stroke and the precision needed. Adding a C’s short stroke shifter to your vehicle will not only result in increased performance, it will give your vehicle a more solid and precise feel.


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